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Westwood Veterinary Practice Terms of Trading


All services are subject to VAT at the current rate. Fees depend on the time spent and nature of the service provided. We are always happy to provide you with an estimated cost of treatment. A detailed invoice is available for all services.



All fees are due at the time of treatment. This may be at the time of each consultation, discharge after surgery or hospitalisation.The exception to this is for insured pets when we have seen evidence of their insurance policy. If you have any concerns regarding payment please discuss this with our staff at the time of treatment.

Methods of payment

We are able to accept cash, cheques(with a bankers card), credit and debit cards.

Non payment

Westwood Veterinary Practice will pursue all outstanding fees and will use debt collection agencies where necessary. Any fees incurred will be the responsibility of the debtor and we may levy an administration charge.


Pet Insurance

Westwood Vets encourage all clients to consider insuring their pets. It is helpful to us if you bring details of your insurance policy to the practice. We are able to offer free insurance cover for a four week period for new puppies and kittens.

If you need to claim against your policy our reception and nursing staff are trained to assist you. We can identify suitable policies and explain how claims are processed.

It is your responsibility to read your insurance policy carefully and to be aware of any excesses or exclusions that may apply to your policy.

It is practice policy that you settle your bill in full with us at the time of treatment and reclaim the cost from the insurance company. We may be able to offer a direct claim with some policies where you will pay us the excess on the policy and we will claim the outstanding balance.


Estimates of Treatment Costs

We will endeavour to provide you with detailed estimates of any treatment or Procedure.

Due to the nature of our work it is not always possible to forecast the costs of long term or complicated treatments. In these cases we can provide you with regular updates of costs as treatments progress. We will contact you during treatment of your pet if it becomes clear that additional procedures other than those estimated for are needed.

Some routine procedures are carried out at set prices if you wish to have additional work carried out at the same time then this will be chargeable as an extra.

Surgical complications may lead to additional costs eg post operative infections and haemorrhage.

These complications are rare but identified on our consent form for surgical procedures. Costs of treatment of complications are the responsibility of the client.


Ownership of Records

Case records , radiographs, test results and ultrasound images remain the property of Westwood Veterinary Practice. Relevant copies can be passed upon request to an insurance company or another veterinary surgeon.


Data Protection

Your contact details are recorded to allow us to communicate with you regarding the care of your pet. We will never sell or communicate these details to a third party and they remain confidential.


Right to refuse Service

Any client behaving in a threatening manner to a member of staff will be refused further veterinary treatment. Any client with a longstanding debt which is not cleared will be refused further treatment and will be notified of this in writing.


Complaints Policy

While we hope that you never have cause to complain about our services we welcome any feedback from you. If there is something you wish to discuss please speak to the nurse or get who is looking after your pet. If you are unable to resolve your query you may make an appointment to discuss the issue with our practice manager or write to us. We take all complaints seriously and will listen to your grievance and endeavour to reach a fair conclusion. It is helpful to us if you are able to give us as much information as possible , including the name of the staff member involved and the dates concerned. To help us respond promptly to you please give us relevant contact details.


Phone Calls

Our vets are happy to give advice or discuss ongoing treatment over the phone at certain times of the day. If you have an urgent query it is usually better to make an appointment. Our reception staff will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to speak to the vet. Please note not all vets are available every day due to our working patterns. We will not respond to emails asking for advice on clinical cases.


Test results

We will give you an indication of when we are able to discuss any results of diagnostic tests when you. In house test results are usually available the same day whereas external tests may take a week or longer.


Home Visits

We are able to offer home visits for your pet through the week with notice in advance. Saturday visits are subject to staff availability and it is usually better to bring your pet to the surgery. Limited services are available on a home visit as we have not a full range of portable equipment.

If you pet is acutely ill it is usually better to bring them to the surgery where we are able to undertake a greater number of diagnostic tests. If you are unable to transport your pet we can arrange for collection by ourselves or by the Yorkshire Animal Ambulance.



We provide hospitalisation facilities for cases which do not require intensive nursing at our Boston Spa Surgery. We have qualified veterinary nurses who live on the premises and will provide are for your pet with the assistance of a veterinary surgeon when required.

Should your pet require urgent or intensive hospitalisation we refer these cases to Holly House Vets who have staff available 24 hours a day and can provide a higher degree of supervision.

If your pet stays with us at Boston Spa we will contact you daily to discuss progress and to keep you informed of costs. Should your pet require transport between Westwood and Holly House, this can be provided by the Westwood pet ambulance or the Yorkshire Animal Ambulance.

It is possible for you to visit your pet in the clinic at Boston Spa by prior arrangement. This is usually in the afternoon. You will be accompanied by a member of staff for your safety. Please note it is not possible for us to accommodate large numbers of visitors.


Final Care

It is a difficult time when we realise that our family friend's live is coming to an end. We understand how you may be feeling and would like to make the process or euthanasia as smooth as possible for you and your pet. All our staff are happy to discuss the procedure with you. You may prefer to

come to the surgery at a quiet time or have a home visit. We can arrange cremation of your pet or you may wish to bury him at home. We all struggle with feelings of grief and loss after a dear pet departs and are happy to chat through those emotions with you


Repeat Prescriptions


We offer a repeat prescription service for pets on long term medication.

In order to comply with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons recommendations we will need to re-examine your pet on continuing medication every 3 - 6 months depending on the medication provided.

When you request a repeat prescription for your animal we can only supply the medication if:

- the vet has authorised a repeat prescription

- the animal has been seen within a period as recommended by your vet

It may save time to ring 48 hours before coming in to collect your prescription.  If a written prescription is requested there will be a charge for the veterinary surgeon to write the prescription and to cover the time, responsibility and professional insurance involved.