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Owner Guide to Referrals and Second Opinions

From time to time there may be a need to refer you and your pet to another veterinary surgeon.  This may be to access a higher level of expertise or of facilities than we are unable to provide at Westwood.  We will seek to arrange referral to a practice with the appropriate skills, experience, qualifications and equipment needed.  We will endeavour to arrange this within reasonable travelling distance.  We will forward your pet’s history and the results of any diagnostic tests to the practice.  There is a charge for this service which may not be covered by your pet insurance policy.  Any clinical fees are directly payable to the referral practice and you should ask for an estimation of anticipated costs.


Should you wish to seek a second opinion on your pet’s treatment or diagnosis then the first point of call would be to speak to the Clinical Director (Elizabeth Askew) at Westwood.  This may be arranged within the practice at no additional cost.


You may wish to seek an opinion from another practice, in which case you should contact them directly to make an appointment.  You should make them aware that you are seeking a second opinion so that they may request the treatment history and the results of any diagnostic tests from Westwood.  We will endeavour to forward this information before your appointment with them.