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Kay Scarlett - Practice Manager

I'm the ‘mum’ of Westwood ensuring that our practices run smoothly and efficiently on a daily basis. I wear many ‘working hats’, from doing the wages to being personal secretary to one and all! "Variety", as they say, "is the spice of life" and that certainly applies to my job!  


I have worked at Westwood for over 30 years and have seen so many changes.  When I started in 1982 the practice was called Ogilvie and Hughes.  The practice then was mainly Farm and Equine.  All client records were hand written on record cards and I had to type individual accounts on a manual typewriter.  I remember the day I got an electric typewriter – I felt very high tech!  We have now been computerised for many years and accounts day no longer gives me finger ache!!!!


I have a great concern for the welfare of animals, and support the WSPA, IFAW and RSPB.


I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. My cat Jo is a rescue - He came into us one weekend after being injured from a road traffic accident, and had no owner.  He has recovered well and rules the roost at home!


I also have a rescue Border Collie called Buddy, who was very thin and nervous at first, but after many months (and years!) of training and socialising him we regularly competed (and won!) in Kennel Club agility competitions all over the North of England.  Buddy is now 10 so I have retired him from competitions but he still enjoys walks and playing ball and tuggy.   I also own Poppy a working sheepdog, who did her first agility show in January 2011 and to add chaos to the equation I have just got a Border Collie puppy called Abbie!  




Kay Scarlett

Kate Holroyd - Head Receptionist


My family has been part of the veterinary world for 5 generations so I have been surrounded by animals all my life. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to continue in my family’s footsteps and work in a veterinary practice, however it wasn’t until my teenage years that I found I was more drawn to the customer care side of the job. I love how each day is different and you are kept on your toes with telephone calls and assisting clients and their furry friends. I joined the Westwood Family in June 2016 shortly after I moved to Leeds. I am enjoying getting to know all the clients at Boston Spa and Garforth. In my spare time I am exploring all the sights Yorkshire has to offer!

Kate Holroyd

Julie Gibson - Head Receptionist


Co-ordinating reception is quite a demanding job, with telephones ringing, vets questions to be answered, orders to be fulfilled and pet owners to assist, at times the position requires two heads and several pairs of hands! However, after 23 years with the practice I think I can say with a fair degree of confidence that I've got used to it!  

Initially I was an equine nurse, living down South in Lambourn, Berkshire, but relocated to Boston Spa with my husband Dale who also has a keen interest in horses, as he is a retired jockey. I am a great supporter of The Injured Jockeys Fund, and Alzheimer's Research UK. In my spare time I enjoy walking, socialising with friends and horse racing…that is of course if I'm not too busy running the full-time cab service for my sports mad son George!"